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Dear Library,

Welcome to the Better World Books Library Newsletter!  In this issue, you will learn about program updates, upcoming events, noteworthy announcements, and various other information.  Thanks for reading and thanks for your interest in Better World Books.

Introducing the ARC Department
Antiquarian, Rare, and Collectable Books

Better World Books now has a dedicated Antiquarian, Rare, and Collectable Books (ARC) department at its Mishawaka, Indiana Warehouse.

Employing knowledgeable bibliographers who specialize in the identification of these unique items, including the research of provenance and publication details, the ARC team is prepared to deal with a wide-variety of books and other media which, in the past, were not saleable though traditional online channels.  Dedicated cataloguers provide careful and detailed descriptions and establish competitive price points based upon the current antiquarian market.  

Though much of the ARC inventory consists of items with out ISBNumbers, we are no longer limited to just these items, and are actively seeking, for example: institutional collection deacessions, including special, rare, faculty, or subject-specific collections; complete, current reference sets; as well as many items and media which may not immediately be ostensibly of valuable (please see the ARC FAQ’s for further details).
This is an exciting time for the ARC. We’ve just attended the Antiquarian Book Seminars in Colorado Springs. And, we’re in the process of relocating the ARC operation to a more secure, stable and protected environment within the warehouse. Future plans include the addition of a preservation specialist, additional auction and sales venues, the issue of a catalogue, and more.

Please let us know how the ARC department can be of assistance to you ([email protected]). For more information, click here. We look forward to serving your antiquarian, rare, and collectable book needs.

Contact: Rudy Reyes Jr., [email protected], 800.894.0242 x 756

Last Quarter Highlights
What's HOT?

Top 5 Sales in Q2: General Material
Online Marketplace
Client's State
Winston S. Churchill: His Complete Speeches
Winston Churchill    
Amazon UK
Assessment of Skeletal Maturity and Prediction of Adult Height  
J.M. Tanner
Atlas of Topographical and Applied Human Anatomy, Volume 1
Eduard Pernkopf
Amazon JP
The Italian Renaissance Interior, 1400-1600
Peter Thornton
Land Survey Review Manual
R. Ben Buckner

Top 5 Sales in Q2: ARC Material
Online Marketplace
Client's State
Le Costume Historique
M.A. Racinet
The Fragments of Attic Comedy After Meineke, Bergk, and Kock
J.M. Edmonds
Gods, Goblins and Ghosts: The Weird Legends of the Far East
Bertha Boynton Lum
Encyclopedia of Human Biology
Renato Dulbecco
A Modern English Grammar on Historical Principles
Otto Jespersen

Top 3 Sales in Q2: eBay Auction
Online Marketplace
Client's State
eBay Auction
Stranger in Ireland                                                                    
John Carr                
eBay Auction
Works of Richard Jefferies 6V 1st Editions
Richard Jefferies
eBay Auction
Duty and Authority of Justices of the Peace and Parish-Officers for Ireland
Edward Bullingbrooke

Better World Books Stats

With your help, Better World Books continues to make a difference.  Take a look at what we’ve accomplished since 2003:

  • Raised over $2.3 Million for approximately 80 literacy and education non-profit organizations, including:
    • More than $1.3 Million for Books for Africa
    • More than $250,000 for Room to Read
    • More than $300,000 for National Center for Family Literacy
    • More than $15,000 for Worldfund
    • More than $70,000 for the Robinson Community Learning Center
    • More than $375,000 for additional literacy partners

  • Raised more than $75,000 for the New Orleans Public Library Foundation

  • Raised more than $1.2 Million for Libraries

  • Directly sent more than 570,500 Books to Books for Africa, the National Center for Family Literacy, and Feed the Children

  • Saved over 5,250 Tons of books from landfills

  • Reclaimed more than 680,000 Pounds of metal shelving from libraries across the United States

Program Announcements
Library Discards & Donations Program

Help us reduce our costs.  Please DO NOT send books in poor condition.  This includes books in the following conditions:

    •  Dirty
    •  Moldy
    •  Water Damaged
    •  Damaged Binding or Pages
    •  Missing Covers or Pages
    •  Excessive Writing, Markings, or Highlighting
    •  Removed Library Treatments
    •  Softcover Books Warped From Gaylord Storage or Shipping

To view our updated Acceptance Guidelines, please click here or download a copy here.

Buy USED & NEW Books at BetterWorld.com
Fund Literacy, Care for the Environment, and get a Fair Price on the books you want.

Better World Books proudly announces the expansion of the popular Library Discards & Donations Program by launching the www.BetterWorld.com online marketplace for used books. 

Highlights of www.BetterWorld.com include everyday low prices (starting at $3.48) on a selection of over 2 million new and used books and FREE shipping on all domestic orders.  International shipping rates start at $2.97. 
In addition, every book purchased at BetterWorld.com ships “Carbonfree”— BetterWorld.com is the first online marketplace for books to offset the carbon emissions generated by shipping books to consumers.  To learn more, visit Carbonfund.org.

BetterWorld.com Affiliate Program
Help fund literacy, add value to your site, and make some money while you're at it!

Ever wanted to make money by telling people about BetterWorld.com? Want to help us foster literacy initiatives around the world? Now it's easier than ever! We recently launched our affiliate program and have opened the doors for you to help promote BetterWorld.com via e-mail, blog, personal site, price comparison engine, shopping portal, PPC, and beyond.

With over 2 million new and used books for sale at BetterWorld.com and a host of promotional resources available to you, being a BetterWorld.com affiliate is both profitable and easy.  To get started, click here.

ALA 2007 Annual Conference
Washington, D.C.

This past June, more than 400 attendees visited the BWB Library Team on the show floor.  We’d like to thank each and every one of you that took the time to drop by the booth either to say “hi,” inquire about our popular Library Discards & Donations Program , learn about buying from www.BetterWorld.com, watch a demonstration of the new pre-screen portal, or simply enter to win the iPod Nano drawing (By the way, congratulations to our iPod Nano winner—L. Gardner of the Cherokee County Public Library).  Please visit Booth 452 at the ALA Mid-winter Conference January 11-14, 2008 in Philadelphia.

Better World Books Grows Greener

Better World Books remains committed to its environmental bottom line, actively seeking new ways to reduce waste of natural resources and ecological abuse, and is proud to announce a new partnership with paper recyclers.

Last month, we attended the Indiana Recycling Coalition Conference in Bloomington, Indiana, where we learned that many solid waste districts sell the books they receive to paper recyclers, who turn these books into napkins and paper towels – a very energy intensive process.  Better World Books now offers the ability to reuse some of those books, which not only conserves a substantial amount of energy, but it prolongs the life of the book and promotes literacy.  Better World Books compensates our solid waste district clients for these books, providing funding for those who responsibly manage America’s waste.  So far, Better World Books has saved in excess of 5,250 Tons of books from America’s landfills.


To learn more, visit Booth 919 at the National Recycling Coalition 26th Annual Congress & Expo (September 16 – 19, 2007) at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado.

Contact: Paul Drake, [email protected], 800.894.0242 x 755


  • Outgoing ALA President Leslie Burger, who was recently featured in the Business Section’s “Short Cuts” of the New York Times, points to Better World Books and her participation in the Library Discards & Donations Program as a way of making “Giving Away Books a Bit Less Painful.”  Click here to read the entire story.

  • Dustin Holland, the Director of Better World Books’ Library Division, was recently named among the Library Journal’s 2007 Movers and Shakers.  To read the entire article, click here.

  • Along with the CEO of Better World Books, 5 other Better World Books employees, and 3 National Center for Family Literacy representatives, Walter Sears and Jacob Fu recently had the opportunity to visit the Santa Rosa Boarding & Day School in southern Arizona.   In addition to providing books to the school, they also helped them get ready for the school year.  The school serves K-8 and is a Bureau of Indian Affairs school on the Tohono O'odham reservation.

The BWB and NCFL Team at the Santa Rosa Boarding & Day School

Coming Soon!

  • Hip hip hooray!  Major upgrades to the online Client Portal are on the way (details to be announced at the end of Q3 2007).

  • Mark your calendars!  September 8th is International Literacy Day.

We hope you enjoyed the second installment of our newsletter.  Please feel free to forward this newsletter to any of your colleagues that may be interested in learning more about the Better World Books’ Library Discards & Donations Program.  Also, remember to shop at BetterWorld.com for all your book purchases [Hint:  At checkout, use coupon code LITERACY for 10% off your entire purchase].  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next installment of the newsletter.

Best regards,

Library Team
Better World Books

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